How To Sell A House Privately

How To Sell Your House Privately

If you want to sell your house privately, there are a few ways you can do so – but you firstly need to ask yourself what is most important, a private sale or a high price? In all likelihood you won’t be able to get both of those together, as a cash buying company is not going to pay you full market value.

The reason for this is simple; let’s look at it another way. Imagine you are trading in your car part ex, and you know for a fact the car is valued at £2000 – would you expect the garage owner to give you the full £2000 for your car?

Chances are that you will get £1200 for the car, so that the garage owner can resell the car, and make a profit on it. It’s simple business, and the same applies to property buying companies – just on a bigger scale.

The benefit you are getting from using a cash buying service is that you are genuinely getting cash in your bank in as little as 7 days. You don’t need to wait on the open market, you don’t need to wait for mortgage companies to act, you don’t need to make monthly payments to your bank whilst you are waiting … it’s a pure cash sale and as private as it is going to get!

If it is a private sale you are after, then a cash buying company can offer you the ability to sell your house without potential buyers arranging inconvenient viewings, without photographs or house details going on sites like Rightmove, and most importantly without an unattractive board being put up – informing people that you are intending on selling.

Another way how you can sell your house privately is by finding a private investor who is willing to buy your home. This is very similar to a cash buying service, and has its advantages as the investor is usually local, so will know the area and may be able to offer you a little bit extra for your home. However, it does have is disadvantages to a cash buyer in that most investors rely on mortgages which take time and can fall through, they also can back out at any point which doesn’t give you and guarantee of a sale.

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