Sell House Privately Online

Sell House Privately Online With House Price Advice

Selling your house privately online is one way of selling a property without the need of estate agents visiting your home for valuations, vendors letting you down, or sales falling through at the last minute.

By arranging a private sale with a cash buyer, you can sell your house online without all the fuss that is generally associated with a traditional sale.

At we can help you achieve the sale you need in a timescale that suits you, all done online, all without the need for vendor visits, and even without the need of a for sale board up at your door.

In fact, because the sale is online, and done privately, nobody even needs to know that you are moving – that is, until the day you are packing your boxes into a removal van!

To get a private sale online, there are three methods of sale that may be suitable to you. The first one is to a cash buyer, which is the only real way to make the sale completely confidential, and the other option is to use an online estate agency. We offer both of these services at, and can assist in getting the sale that you need.

With our cash buying service, we can generally offer you cash in as little as 7 days, or a timescale that you decide, and we can usually have funds approved of around 80% market value.

If you need more that 80% then the only way of achieving this is via an online estate agent such as our service, but we usually can assist in selling your property on the open market in around 28 days.

The major benefit of selling for cash is that you are guaranteed a sale. There is no mortgages to contend with, we simply agree a cash price with you, carry out simple valuations (at our expense) and transfer the funds across to your account as soon as you are ready to sell. That’s it, it’s really as easy as that!

If you are interested in selling your house online to a private cash buyer, all you need to do is simply enter your postcode in the form above. Our system will calculate you an online offer based on the information provided. This offer is completely free, and is not a guaranteed price, it is just an indication of what we could potentially pay you in cash, and what we may be able to achieve for you by selling online.

As well as buying the property ourselves, our third option for selling and maintaining a private, online sale – is by utilising our database of property investors, which currently stands at 44,000 members. All of our investors are aged property buyers, and regularly buy property in all areas of the UK, and for cash prices.

If you like the idea of being connected up with a genuine property investor, who is looking to buy property specifically in your area, the simplest way to do this is through our investor link up service. Just enter your postcode above, get your property price offers, and opt for a property investor sale.

Remember, any advice we give you is free and completely confidential. Just enter your postcode above now for a FREE offer online or alternatively give us a quick call on 0800 612 7917. Lines are open 24/7, any time day or night.