Should I Sell My House Privately

Should You Sell Your House Privately?

Selling your house privately without an estate agency can be a daunting task, and one which in all likelihood a lot of people will contemplate, but never carry out. Our aim is to show you the pro’s and con’s so you can evaluate yourself whether it is for you, and whether it is something you want to proceed with.

The first thing to note is that an average estate agent charges around 2% of a sale in fees. So, if your property is worth £200,000 you will pay £4000, if your property is worth £400,000 you will pay £8000 etc.

These fees are non-negotiable, and if you use an estate agent you have to pay their fees, which may vary from agent to agent.

The second thing to note is timescales for a sale. Using an estate agent is likely to take you 4 months plus to sell. During those 4 months, you still need to pay your current mortgage, your weekly bills and keep your house running.

(With a quick house sale to a private company, you usually can complete in 7 days – meaning no more bills to pay. Woo hoo! That is, until you get in your new property. Arggh!)

There are benefits to using an estate agency to sell traditionally, but if you need to sell privately they really can’t help you. What you generally need is a cash buying company. The only issue is that the ‘quick sale’ industry is notorious for scam companies who will rip you off.

The OFT (Office Of Fair Trading) recently launched an enquiry into the quick sale industry to tighten it up, and make companies get their acts together and show vendors exactly what they would be getting.

We for one campaigned for this, and think it is a very good thing.

With our private sale service what you are getting is the following:-

  1. Cash in your bank in 7 days (or a timescale to suit you)
  2. No fees to pay (we even pay for your solicitors)
  3. Proof of funds in hours (we can send this to you or your solicitor)
  4. No last minute price changes (what we say we will pay, we pay!)
  5. No ‘admin’ fees (some companies have a nerve!)
  6. No pressure tactics (no obligation or forms to sign)
  7. Genuine 80% market value achievable
  8. Alternative options to achieve up to 100% market value

There’s really no harm in speaking to us, even if it is just to curb your curiosity. Our advice is completely free, you are under no obligation to sell, and we are here to help. Call us any time night or day on 0800 612 7917. We are waiting to take your call. Alternatively just enter your postcode in the form above for an indicative preliminary cash offer on your home.

Remember, any advice we give you is free and completely confidential. Just enter your postcode above now for a FREE offer online or alternatively give us a quick call on 0800 612 7917. Lines are open 24/7, any time day or night.