Sell Your House Fast For A Quick Sale

Sell House Fast For Market Value? The Facts About ‘Quick Sale Buyers’ And Who You Can Trust.

Sell house fast, get a fair price and stay in your home for up to 1 month after you have sold, rent and mortgage free may seem too good to be true, but property and home sellers that use our quick house sale service experience this every day. You are probably aware of how many quick sale property companies that there are on the internet, but did you know that only a hand full of those companies actually have the cash to be able to purchase your property?

That’s right. The majority of them are estate agencies claiming to be able to ‘sell your house in 7 days’ where in actual fact they are no better than any high street estate agent. There internet offers of ‘sell your house for 100% market value’ may seem appealing, but you have to ask yourself, if something seems too good to be true, 9 out of 10 times, it probably is! Furthermore, if these estate agencies were so good, and could really promise you a sale in 7 days, why aren’t they located in this league table.

We offer 3 genuine ways to sell your house quickly, and you could achieve up to 100% market value with 2 of them!

If you are in the market to sell your home or property for cash, then we will make you a serious and competitive offer for your property from our own funds. Our buyers don’t rely on mortgages to make our purchasing, we simply offer you the cash for a 7 day sale. No scams, fees or anything else to concern you, it really is cash.

Due to the nature of this type of sale, and the speed in which we can buy, it is obvious that we will not be able to make you an offer of full market value. However, having said that, our offers compete with the other genuine cash buying companies, and we will match any like for like offer that you can get for a cash sale. Remember, because it is a cash sale, we can literally have the funds into your bank account in 7 days.

Another option for you is our investor link up service. What we do with this type of sale, is match you up with a local investor who is looking to buy property in your area. These investors vary in their requirements, but you may get lucky and find a national homebuyer with the cash ready to spend on your home.

Our third and final option to help sell your property is our fast online estate agency service. Our estate agency service is not like any other agency, as we don’t accept buyers to make offers unless they a. aren’t in a chain, b. have a mortgage in principle ready, and c. are in a position to buy and move quickly. This service has seen many house sellers achieve 100%, and often in as little as 28 days. purchase property all over the United Kingdom for ourselves, and we also match up investors with home sellers across the country. We can also purchase property in Scotland, including Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh. Unfortunately as of the time in writing this we are unable to purchase any property in Northern Ireland.

We advertise nationally in local and national newspapers, radio stations, and viral video marketing. You may have seen our advertisement in your local newspaper (our Daily Mirror advert can be seen on House Price Advice’s Facebook Page).

If you have taken the time to look at our advert, you might be thinking to yourself “can I really sell my house fast” or “do these house buying companies really work”.

Many of our internet competitors and similar websites claim to be able to purchase any house for cash whatever the location or condition. We can safely say that there are only 3 genuine cash buying companies around, and we deal with 2 of them. So it is always a good idea to shop around and do your homework before committing to anything. One thing that you could do is ask a ‘quick sale company’ if they can provide you with proof of funds. If they can’t send you a copy of their bank statement showing enough funds to be able to purchase your home, it is likely that they are lying to you and should be avoided.

Another cheap tactic pulled by some quick sale companies is dropping the price at the last minute. We work closely with the OFT (Office Of Fair Trading) to ensure that our service is one of the best available in the industry, and also to stamp out unscrupulous practices like this. If you need to sell your house quickly, and you find that the open market is not working for you, try our service today. Our specialist team are here to help you get the sale you need, in a timeframe that suits you, and at a price that can’t be beaten. Give us a call now on 0800 612 7917, it really works!

Sell Your Property Quick To A Trusted Buying Company

If you really are serious about selling your property quick, House Price Advice can help you one way or another. The internet is a minefield and if you make one wrong move by choosing a company that doesn’t have your best interests at heart, you could be letting yourself in for a big financial loss and a lot of heartache.

Along with a few other house buying companies we have set out guidelines so that you can determine which companies are genuine cash buyers and which ones are trying to scam you or lead you astray.

1.    Can they provide proof of funds to purchase?

If not, the likelihood is that they don’t have any money to buy, and won’t be offering you a real cash sale. It could be they are an estate agent, or they are buying with a mortgage. Both are far from quick ways to sell and often take around 4 months.

2.      Do they want you to sign up for a lengthy contract?

If they are really a cash buying company they won’t need to. They should be able to complete a sale within 7-10 days, so why would they need a 6 month contract. This is another tell-tale sign that you are dealing with an estate agency claiming to be a cash buyer.

3.      No visits, photos or EPCs needed. A true cash buyer doesn’t even need to see your property. They will buy on the figures and valuation alone. We don’t take photo’s, don’t need EPC’s and we won’t be visiting you. (sorry … we do enjoy a nice cup of tea!)

 4.      The price doesn’t drop at the last minute. This is less likely to be an estate agent claiming to be a cash buyer, and more likely a mortgage buyer or even an unscrupulous cash buying firm, trying to squeeze more money out of you at the very last minute. This is an outrage, and a total scam. The price we say is the price we pay. Period.

Whatever your reason for selling, and whatever timeframe you are looking to sell in we can help you get the sale you need. If you aren’t interested in selling your property at a discount, why not consider renting out your property. Lots of people these days are becoming self made landlords, or even using lettings agents to do the job for them. If this is something that may be of interest, we can highly recommend NGU Home Lettings who actively rent out property on your behalf.

Remember, always shop around, and check out review sites on companies before you decide to do anything with your home. You can read our many sell house fast reviews here and make up your own mind about our company. We believe in transparency, reliability and putting the customers best interests at heart.

Warning: The OFT Investigates The Quick House Sales Industry

Some ‘we buy any house’ type companies have recently been in the news as the OFT is currently investigating them for false advertising and unscrupulous practices.

A number of the companies involved are advertising to buy your property at a high price, and then drastically dropping the price offered at the last minute.

You need to be aware of the fast house sale company scams and only deal with a trusted company – that has genuine cash to purchase your property.

How To Spot A Genuine Cash Buyer Out Of The ‘Quick Sale’ Companies?

The majority of the companies that advertise on the ‘sell house fast’ terms in the search engines use false advertising as promotion to get your information.

They will lead you astray with terms like, sell my house for cash, quick house sale, cash for my property, and even Sold In 60 Seconds!

These companies are usually not real cash house buyers, and only there to manipulate you into an elongated open market sale, the type of sale your local estate agent could give. (probably at a better price and a quicker sale time).

How A Real ‘Quick Sale’ Company Works

“I need to sell my house fast”. This is a common quote we hear from clients every day, lookin for a quick property sale. Some clients have been struggling on the open market for up to 2 years without getting a sale. The reason for this is usually very simple. It is generally nothing to do with the condition, location or external factors – the usual reason for a property not selling is that it has not been priced correctly. Pricing your property correctly is essential, and we recommend you check out NetHousePrices for local sales in your street.

This will give you an idea of what your house is worth, and how to price it.

For more information and a FREE VALUATION from us, simply enter your postcode in the form above. Alternatively give us a call on 0800 612 7917 for a chat with an independent property buyer.