Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Your Service Differ From A ‘Quick Sale’ Company
Although some people may consider us a ‘quick sale’ company, we aren’t a typical cash buyer as that is not our sole objective. Our priority lies in getting our customers the best price for their property, in a timescale that suits them. If you need a quick sale, and you want cash in your bank in under 7 days, we have the ability to do this. We can physically buy your property from you with our own cash funds, and transfer the monies across to your bank in one week.

Having said that we also have alternative selling options that can genuinely get you up to 100% of the market value. None of our other selling options come with the guarantee that our cash buying service does, but that doesn’t mean they are less effective.

On average our quick estate agency service can sell any UK property, when priced correctly in 48 days for c97% market value. We differ from traditional estate agencies by only putting forward genuinely interested parties who are in a position to move quickly.

What Percentage Market Value Will You Pay In Cash?
Due to the timescales, and our risk to resell the property, as a general rule we would expect you to discount your property by around 20%.

Bear in mind, if you were selling ANYTHING that quickly, you would expect to make the same sort out of discount. For example, when you trade a car, a car dealer wouldn’t buy your car for the same price you paid for it – as when he comes to selling it on, how could he make any money? Our service is genuine, we have the funds waiting, and if you feel like you want your property out of your hands, we won’t mess around and we will get the job done.

Where Do You Buy Property?
Both our cash buying service and our quick estate agency covers all of the UK including Scotland, however at the time of writing we do not cover Northern Ireland.

What If My Property Is In Poor Condition?
If you are interested in our cash buying service, and you are willing to discount your property in order for us to buy it for genuine cash, we do not care about what condition your property is in. We will buy most properties, regardless of any damage to them. As long as the price suits us, and you are happy with the price we offer you, we are willing to buy.