Companies That Buy Your House

Companies That Buy Your Property

Searching the internet for companies that buy houses, usually brings up thousands upon thousands of search results.

It can often be very confusing which company to choose, and which company is telling the truth! A lot of the websites on page one of the search results through around brash claims such as ‘we pay 100%’ or ‘best price paid’ or even in some cases ‘sell in 24 hours’.

We can tell you now that most of these claims are false, and only a handful of companies on the internet actually have the ability to be able to purchase your property from you for cash.

We know of 3 genuine cash buying companies in the market, and we personally deal with 2 of them directly. You may think that we are just saying this but we genuinely do care. We even insist that you shop around – and ask our competitors the following questions:-

  1. If you are a cash buyer, can you provide me with PROOF OF FUNDS.
  2. If you are a cash buyer, I shouldn’t need to sign a contract?
  3. If you are a cash buyer, can you confirm I don’t need to pay fees upfront for valuations or ‘admin’ fees?

If you phone around and speak to other companies that buy your property, and they pass the above questions then you are dealing with a genuine cash buying company – and not someone who is misleading you from the start.

At – we can offer you 3 types of sale, each one can be catered to your own personal needs when you come to selling.

Our first option is a straight-forward cash sale. That’s genuine cash in the bank in around 7 days. No fees to pay, we do all the valuations, we pay your solicitor fees, and we even let you stay in your property for up to 1 month after your sale has gone through without charging you rent or making you pay mortgage payments.

Because this is a genuine cash sale, we won’t be able to offer you full market value for your home, but we will make you a fair and decent offer, based on current market conditions and local sale information.

The second type of sale is an open market sale using our ultra-fast online estate agency service which could achieve you up to 100% market value. This service operates very similarly to a traditional estate agency, however the benefit is that that the turnaround time for finding a buyer is usually a lot quicker. Our buyers are also all vetted and ready to proceed with a sale – they just need a property to buy!

The third and final type of sale we can offer you, is to a private investor. We have a database of over 44,000 UK investors, who consider most local property to add to their portfolios.

Each investor is different, and each investor will make you an offer on your home based on their own criteria. We recommend that if you decide to use this service, you speak to a few investors, and not just the first one that comes along. You need to shop around the get the most competitive sale price.

For further information on selling your house to a company like ourselves, give us a call on 0800 612 7917, or alternatively enter your postcode in the form above for a free valuation of your house.

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